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4 years - JobHouse

We have over 4 years experience in the recruitment business. We have become very efficient at what we do as a result of years of experience.

We have served both big and small companies, as well as hundreds of individual job seekers.

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Flexible options, flexible staff

  • Our staff are always understanding
  • We have so many recruitment options
  • We always want to make sure your needs are met 100%
  • Very professional staff, ready to delight you.
  • Wide range of services to meet every need
  • Timely delivery is our hallmark

Client Testimonials

Are you committed to recruiting the most qualified candidates for any vacancy in Ghana? JobHouse Recruitment Agency has been tried and tested over its four years of operation as a recruitment agency. We have registered and verified hundreds of graduates and job seekers who are ready to help you take your enterprise to another level. We currently have the following professionals:

Accountants, Accounting Professionals, Administrative Assistants, Auditors, Aviation Professionals, Airline Workers, Banking Professionals, Bank Tellers, Construction Workers, Consultants, Contract Workers, Doctors and Nurses, Drivers / Dispatch Riders, Education Workers, Expatriate Workers, Engineers, Finance Professionals, Fresh Graduates, Front Desk Executives, Full Time Workers, Geologists, Graduates, Graphic Designers, Health and Safety Workers, Hotel Workers, Hospitality Workers, HR Professionals, ICT / IT Professionals, Insurance Professionals, International Workers, Management Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Media Workers, Mining Professionals, NGO Workers, Social Workers, Oil and Gas Professionals, Part Time Workers, Project Managers, Sales Executives, Secretaries, Security Workers etc.